Professional Advisors

CFHC Can Help You Serve Your Clients

As a financial planner, attorney, accountant, insurance agent or other professional advisor you have clients who are interested in philanthropy.

Community Foundation of Henderson County can support you and your clients at every step in the charitable giving process. Think of the Community Foundation as your personal planned giving center and philanthropic expert.

You are the Trusted Advisor... We are Your Trusted Resource.

We work through you.

Your client remains your client, you stay in control of this relationship. We can offer more than local giving expertise: we can provide the infrastructure so you can supply the best solutions.

We help you build stronger relationships.

High net worth individuals tend to expect to talk about giving as they make financial plans with their advisors. At your invitation, we are available to join you at the table to discuss the charitable options available. They will appreciate the charitable impact and tax advantages you help them achieve by working with the Community Foundation.

We help you cross generations.

When you help families establish family giving plans and/or donor advised funds through the Community Foundation, you begin an ongoing process of involvement with the current and future generations of that family.

We offer solutions.

The Community Foundation can offer a solution to the delicate dilemma of talking about philanthropy without recommending one charity over another. We can help facilitate conversations around community issues and help you help your clients learn more about programs that make a difference in the areas they care about most.

We value local relationships.

The Community Foundation's Alliance Manager Program increases flexibility and availability to investment managers while also providing donors, your clients, with improved access to local financial expertise. Any qualified Professional Investment Manager can be recommended by a donor for this project when there is an aggregate of $250,000 available to be placed with the recommended manager.

We provide the infrastructure so you can supply the best solutions:

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